March 13, 2013

A few thoughts about the impact of live music. With today’s  technology, we practically have all music at our disposal, yet nothing will give you, the listener the same emotional reaction as live performance. Here is but one example of a post-September 11th reflection, which was published in the NY Polish Daily “Nowy Dziennik”:


 “I deeply believe in the healing power of classical music.  If even for a couple of minutes, in one phrase, we gave comfort to the listeners  - it is good that we came.”

It feels funny to quote oneself, but this is what I said in a TV interview aired in New York the day of our downtown lunch concert.  (October 22, 2001)

We played Mozart and Beethoven Quartets at the Federal Reserve Bank for people who work near Ground Zero.  Our audience, which overflowed the auditorium, included policemen and firemen.  We received a standing ovation and an overwhelming satisfaction of having done the right thing.

The downtown area of Manhattan below Canal Street is like a battle zone. The atmosphere is extremely tense, with police presence everywhere.  As more and more buildings reopen, there are thousands of people coming to work everyday.  Yet those people have the horror of SEPT. 11th engraved in their minds.  They witnessed it from “the front row.”  Even today at ground zero above all the strong stench of death and destruction (there are still fires which burn underground) makes it very hard to go on with one’s work.

To bring some release and beauty into these difficult days, the New York Philharmonic is offering free one-hour lunch chamber music concerts to be held through November.  I am indeed privileged to participate in those and will cherish the memory of it.”

There are so many interesting subject to discuss:  the secrets of performing live,

emotions and the brain signals,  timing in performances,  singing sound?

They are all interconnected. Perhaps I shall explore some of these themes in my future postings.

I am also thinking of a posting regular “snapshots from my trips with the NYP”.