Quo Vadis Musica Classica?

October 1, 2013

It seems that we are on the cross roads with regards to the future of so called serious music,  especially in the US. The CIty Opera of NYC in bankruptcy, The Minnesota Orchestra might follow the suit, the musicians are on strike for almost a year! Those are only some of the facts.

Why can’t we support a society where the professional artists can make a dissent living? And yet there are new arts center being build. People always loved the performing arts, the music.This will not disappear. We might use different formats of presentation, we might use different instruments, or is it that simple? In my view the classical music should be an important part of every child upbringing.  As my husband says: we insist on children learning to wash their teeth (often against their will..) The same way we should insist on musical education. The rewards are numerous and obvious. We are falling behind! Have a look at El Sistema in Venezuela!  It does not have to be an elite choice art. The music language IS universal, when WE LISTEN!